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Rank: The Council - Web Admins
Online: over 8 years ago
Joined: Sep 28, 2008
Nick Name: "E"
Gender: Female
Country: United States
State/Province: IA
City: Des Moines
Tinker: Master Jeweler, Grand Master Prospector, and Expert Cook

Help with the horse quests, and being the Kin's decorator.

Makes hope tokens for kin.

List of Tokens:
-Dull Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 15 (needs copper and amethyst)
-Faint Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 25 (needs silver and bloodstones)
-Glossy Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 30 (needs gold and rubies)
-Shining Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 35 (needs platinum and adamants)
-Brilliant Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 40 (needs ancient silver and beryls)
-Sparkling Edhelharn Token ~ lvl 51 (needs kazad- copper and aquamarines)

If u need any of these tokens let me know and i'll c what i can do. ^.^

Personal House: 12 Haven Way, Crisbarth