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#1459413 Jun 27, 2009 at 05:46 PM
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Message copied from mmoguildsites blog:

Important URL change
We have modified the urls for guild sites on MMO Guildsites. Previously they were accessed at "", they are now accessed at "".

This should not really affect anything, as old urls automatically update to the new one; for example if your members try to go to "" they are simply sent to ""

Guilds using a custom domain name such as "" would not be affected by this.

We hope everyone has a good weekend =)

Brandywine Server:
Mishca - 64 Minstrel
Mysh - 65 Hunter
Officer - Allies of the Istari

Silverlode Server:
Mishkah Mdee -60 minstrel
Myshkah - 51 capt
Officer - Council of Twilight
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